Please, meet the most dangerous and toughest street art gang of São Paulo. It’s the notorious Rolinho Bros with its two hardcore members Felipe Risada and Tony de Marco aka “Pixotosco”. These are definitely the type of guys you wanna f*** around with, because they are super cool, hyperactive artists, and always present in the streets and hoods of São Paulo.

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Young charming fella Rodrigo Colen aka Hoji was introduced to us by our artist scout Fefe Talavera, who recommended us to have at look at this fresh and talented artist. After a couple of phone calls we soon figured that he is an artist we’d love to work with, not only because of Fefe’s advice, which usually doesn’t request any further investigation 😉

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Every kid that followed the legendary show “Yo MTV Raps” in the late nineties had one main goal: to listen to and watch the coolest, hottest Rap and Hip Hop videos. But one day, Chris Cunningham’s infamous music video for Aphex Twin’s “Windowlicker” made its debut late at night on this particular show and confronted all Hip Hop fanatics not only with the roughest hood dialogue in music video history, but also with a sound that was far way from what Hip Hop, Rap or R&B was known for back then. Only the intro of the video – the scene with the two homies trying to flirt with the hood rats and the booty shaking dancers getting jizzed all over with champagne – at the end of the clip, had a touch of Hip Hop music video vibes typical for that period.

The main difference between the audio track by Aphex Twin and the music video for windowlicker, is that the audio song has no intro. The audio track, by Richard D. James, is a pure electronic track just like any other produced by him in the past. Most of the guys who saw the video the first time loved it, not only because of the sound, but mostly because of the video, which was something nobody had ever seen until then. Like Aphex Twin´s limousine pushed away the little shitty convertible, this video directed by Chris Cunningham took over the “Yo! MTV Raps” music video hip hop party and blew everybody out of their seats.

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One of our most favorite songs of brazilian artist Criolo is the song “sucrilhos” (cornflakes). It was also the song, which got us introduced to the following artist, who is considered a superstar in his country. At the end of the song is a section about his identity, which is also a reference to the various native tribes that exist within the brazilian population.

Since the brazilian national anthem is, let’s say, nothing special, like pretty much all the national anthems out there, we thought that the last words in the song of Criolo should represent the national anthem of Brazil, andmaybe even of the whole world.

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Our beloved friends and fans!

Let us introduce to you another Artist Papes edition by stone-cold-maxin’ visual artist Mr Fuzzy Slipperz a.k.a. Lisolomzi Pikoli from Pretoria, South Africa!

Fuzz was introduced to us by a mutual web friend, who we never met in person, but who got in touch with us on Instagram and told us how good looking and cool we are. After such a compliment, we kind of felt obliged to look for talented artists in South Africa, who’d be interested in working with us. With the help of our friends recommendation, we discovered talented Mr Fuzzy Slipperz, who got us on the hook with his style, that we have never experienced before. Continue reading

Ladies and Gentlemen, B-Girls and B-Boys, Mamas and Papas, meet graffiti and visual artist Viva La Vandal

Based out of London, United Kingdom this mysterious artist has been on top of the game for many years now and he’s been busy non-stop providing eye-candy to his loyal fan base. Imagine him as a chef, stirring up a touch of tattoo art, with a spoon of b-boy and b-girl attitude, tiny cut pieces of comic history, and a breeze of babes flavour. As a an example we present you this delicious looking Artist Papes designed by Viva La Vandal! Continue reading