It started with an idea and a name: Babes Papes. What was missing was a unique visual with a recognizable face. My search began by asking my friends in the creative field for someone they could recommend who could help develop the brand’s face. I was searching for someone with skills in graphic design, as well as an intimate knowledge in brand development. I collected several design drafts, but none of the ideas presented to me materialized into what I had visualized in the beginning. Eventually, I came across Franke, an illustrator infused with a passion for old-school illustrations, skillfully made by hand. We set up a first meeting and I presented my vision. He admitted to having a weakness for smoking culture as a whole, particularly for the classic rolling paper design. Let’s call it fate. After our conversation, Franke was motivated to design not just the logo, but he insisted on being the one to create the whole visual identity of this newborn Babe. To put it in Franke’s words “We have to make it look like we’ve been in the business for a long time!”

Until Franke’s creative input, I had yet to see the Babe I’d had in mind take shape on paper. But Franke’s first ideas nailed it. We agreed on a slick retro vibe for the direction of Babes Papes. We explored different looks: the babe’s hair color, the position of her hands, wink or no wink, the clothing, product name display scripts and color schemes. Franke presented me with fast scribbles and layout designs of different types of girls laid out in various frames. The slogan JUST LICK’ EM  had been in my mind for some time, so we worked on which old school script versions looked best. After weeks of creative sessions, along with work on the construction concept of the actual package, the final design concept came into view. Eventually, we decided upon a sexy lip-licking pinup girl – the ultimate smoker chick.

The look of the girl is reminiscent of the 50’s, a light, breezy and charming creation, someone easy on the eyes. The flirty wink and daring tongue with all its sweetness, draws you in, she makes you smile. Soft edges and curves, the roundness throughout the design, is a play off the 70’s funkadelic days. Color choice was deliberate. The pink heart-shaped smoking clouds rise voluptuously before the hard black background. The choice of colors for the script is a nod to Rasta culture. As a symbol of our collaboration, two buttons were placed on her jacket, one bearing the Babes Papes’ logo and a smaller one with Franke’s logo.

Once completed, the illustration was then taken to the most renowned expert for art reproduction, the undisputed master, Mr. Gerald Schedy. The artwork was digitally scanned, reproduced to be fitted in a digital print file. Schedy provided us with state of the art production and took the final steps towards completing our brand’s visual appearance. This is where Franke´s trusted Graphic artist colleague GDS comes in!

He assembled the elements and color schemes generated by Franke. He also came up with his own concepts for a blog and website design. Lastly, with help of Flagship studio everything was blended into one design and our Babe was born.

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