Babes Papes

Babes Papes represent custom designed premium rolling papers.

The whole product is kept as simple as possible. We from Babes Papes believe that a good product has to be simple and timeless.

Babes Papes rolling papers are very thin, made of hemp and are chlorine free. The packaging is kept pure and simple. The whole product is made from paper, or to be precise, from natural given products like wood and hemp, in case you forgot what papers are mado out of. Thus, the resources of Babes Papes are sustainable and easy to dissemble and recycle.

It is not our purpose to sell our product with the help of some marketing ad-ons that might increase the popularity of a product for a short time, but won’t have any reasonable positive effect on its environment in the long term.

Our goal is to produce rolling papers wrapped in a delicious looking envelope and provide a unique design and image that gives Babes Papes the status of a collector’s item like a rare record or an artistic painting you hang on the wall.