We’re happy to present you Artist Papes by Fefe Talavera:

We met Fefe back in 2011 while she was visiting friends in central Europe. By that time we hadn’t had produced a single booklet and Babes Papes existed only in theory. The first time we met her through mutual friends we introduced oursleves and told her about the brand, the people involved, and our goals. It didn’t take long to convince her  to work with us and to provide us with a custom design for our first series of Artist Papes. Once she delivered the design, it was hard to tell what to expect from the final product.

The result  after production exceeded all our expectations. Fefes Artist Papes were the ultimate eye catcher. Her rendition turned out to be one of the most demanded Artist Papes series until today. We hope to get the chance to work with Fefe again in the near future and we look forward to produce another stunning Artist Papes edition.

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