Young lovely Isabel from Germany was introduced to us last summer by a friend of ours. She’s fresh, exciting, and born to be mellow. With the focus on her studies in Manual and Material Culture, she also finds the time to pursue her passion in graphic designs on the side.

She prefers to work with dark colors and enjoys drawing sketches, with continuous thin lines as well as contrasty illustrations with tied, knotted, or welded materials.

The approach and steps towards the final design of her artist edition determined by what she personally associated with rolling skins. The first thing that came into her mind was time, which furthermore results in mortality. Rather than getting too deep and overly sophisticated with such a serious topic, she thought about how to give it a touch of charm and joy.

Thus,  the story of Alice in Wonderland crossed her mind, where the above mentioned attributes are slightly featured in the background. In her own unique way, Alice embodies time, change and evanescence. Isabel decided to illustrate these various subjects, which combined with the papes in the booklet ultimately would lead into a dream.

In this dream you pull out one leave after another until all of them are gone and the papes together with the packaging dissolve into smoke and mirrors. One can see it as a reinterpretation or rebirth of Alice, on how appearance and reality transform smoothly into the transcancy of a rolling papes packaging.

…designed by talented Ms Lowak!

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