One of our most favorite songs of brazilian artist Criolo is the song “sucrilhos” (cornflakes). It was also the song, which got us introduced to the following artist, who is considered a superstar in his country. At the end of the song is a section about his identity, which is also a reference to the various native tribes that exist within the brazilian population.

Since the brazilian national anthem is, let’s say, nothing special, like pretty much all the national anthems out there, we thought that the last words in the song of Criolo should represent the national anthem of Brazil, andmaybe even of the whole world.

In this video we included the lyrics of “sucrilhos” together with footage of the Brazilian National Soccer Team, which will make you understand what Criolo is singing about.

Here it the english translation of this section, so you can understand what you’re listening to and even sing along:

Eu tenho orgulho da minha cor (I’m proud of my color)

Do meu cabelo e do meu nariz (from my hair and from my nose)

Sou assim e sou feliz (I’m like this and I’m happy)

Índio, caboclo, cafuso, criolo (Indian, caboclo, cafuso, criollo)

Sou brasileiro (I’m brazilian)

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