Every kid that followed the legendary show “Yo MTV Raps” in the late nineties had one main goal: to listen to and watch the coolest, hottest Rap and Hip Hop videos. But one day, Chris Cunningham’s infamous music video for Aphex Twin’s “Windowlicker” made its debut late at night on this particular show and confronted all Hip Hop fanatics not only with the roughest hood dialogue in music video history, but also with a sound that was far way from what Hip Hop, Rap or R&B was known for back then. Only the intro of the video – the scene with the two homies trying to flirt with the hood rats and the booty shaking dancers getting jizzed all over with champagne – at the end of the clip, had a touch of Hip Hop music video vibes typical for that period.

The main difference between the audio track by Aphex Twin and the music video for windowlicker, is that the audio song has no intro. The audio track, by Richard D. James, is a pure electronic track just like any other produced by him in the past. Most of the guys who saw the video the first time loved it, not only because of the sound, but mostly because of the video, which was something nobody had ever seen until then. Like Aphex Twin´s limousine pushed away the little shitty convertible, this video directed by Chris Cunningham took over the “Yo! MTV Raps” music video hip hop party and blew everybody out of their seats.

The first impression was that this must be the weirdest and funniest shit ever done in a music video. At first it was impossible to focus on the sound because of the mind blowing images like for example the performance of the dancer/choreographer Brian Friedman, who seduced the hoochies with his fluid moves. But the more you watched the music clip, the more you enjoyed the song and the whole thing turned into a complete masterpiece composed of the video, sound, and the social statement it revealed.

The dialogue between the two players in the “mama car” and the two hoochies on the pavement during the intro of the video was quite hard to understand, especially for non English speakers. There was close to no information at all in the online world about the hood brothers´ and sisters´ profound conversation and – so far – nobody has made an effort to include subtitles in the video. But now, after more than 17 years, we have made the effort and not only copied the hard to understand dialogue, we also included the captions in the music video and made it available to everybody out there.
Sit back and relax, spark one, travel back in time and reminisce about the first time you saw this video. For some it’s like remembering their first kiss: you know where you were, who you were with, and what this special moment felt like.

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