World Premiere!
The very first soccer club on the planet with its own custom designed rolling papers

Welcome to the World of FC Bierstube

The 2012/13 season was the best season in the young history of FC Bierstube.
Not only did they become the champion of the league, they also won the league cup. We at Babes Papes feel honored providing Custom Papes to this special soccer club. Not only because of the recent achievements, but also because of their unique style which makes this not just another boring soccer club.
The club was named after a little tavern located in an area of Vienna which is known for high real estate prices, stuck-up neighborhoods and a bridge named after the first pop star president of the USA, John F. Kennedy – Kennedy Brücke. Founded in the year 1999, the club joined an amateur league which is still administered and sponsored by a Catholic organization. Lord have mercy!

In the beginning, the club didn’t have a trainer or training sessions. They didn’t even have their own balls. The players were complete losers, bums, drug and alcohol addicts and virgins who were barely sober and always late for games. Some games had to be played with only 8 field players. Sometimes there wasn’t even a goalkeeper, so a field player had to take that position. But the club had a certain reputation and the opponents knew that they better not underestimate the team. The defense was the weak spot, but the offence and midfield was strong. Therefore, no matter how many goals they got, they managed to shoot more than the opponent.

In 2007, the club was playing on top of the league and finally managed to stay there at the end after a close battle. This was the first time FC Bierstube won the league. At that time, the club still didn’t have a trainer, nor a regular training session or any sponsorship. But the team members were proud to have the image of a loser team, which kicked the ass of the other clubs who had training sessions like pros and always had enough players, even for substitutes. A few months later, the fresh champion was invited to the city hall by the mayor, who was a passionate soccer fan and alcoholic, with all the other champions from the leagues above and below. FC Bierstube was made!

The club climbed to the top league to compete with the best of the best. Some of the players left the club due to various reasons like pregnancy, rehab, or trouble with the police. That was one of the toughest periods for FC Bierstube. The situation hadn’t changed much after the glorious win of the championship. There was still not a trainer nor training sessions. Instead more drugs, alcohol, trouble with the police and unplanned babies. The atmosphere among the team was very bad, it seemed like the club wouldn’t remain in the league and would have to go back to a lower class. Somehow, nobody can really say how, the club managed to stay on top and remained there for an additional year.

The next season was disappointing. The club got relegated back to the league where all the glory started a few years back. The time had come where the club members decided to have training sessions once per week. A board was elected with a club president, a treasurer, and a booze manager. The booze manager had the toughest job since he was responsible for providing the players with the needed lubricant and even more importantly, to supply beer to the loyal fans who were regularly attending the games. From then on, the changes had an effect and the club was able to compete with the best in the league. It was enough to remain on top, and by the end of the season FC Bierstube remained right behind the top 3.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the club even had a trainer. Nobody remembers where he came from or why he chose to train them. Rumor has it he got lost after a tough night and accidentally ended up in the cabin of FC Bierstube. However, the team members were happy to meet someone who was sharing the same passion for beer and smokes, and who voluntarily decided to train the club!
It was kind of like the angel who fell from heaven. From then on, the club was born again. The self-esteem, passion, the spirit, and love was back in the game.
The result: League champion and Cup Winner 2012/13!

Congratulations and may FC Bierstube win the Champions’ League, the World Cup, and maybe even include some Babes on their team! We are ready to prepare the Papes for that occasion!

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