Our beloved friends and fans!

Let us introduce to you another Artist Papes edition by stone-cold-maxin’ visual artist Mr Fuzzy Slipperz a.k.a. Lisolomzi Pikoli from Pretoria, South Africa!

Fuzz was introduced to us by a mutual web friend, who we never met in person, but who got in touch with us on Instagram and told us how good looking and cool we are. After such a compliment, we kind of felt obliged to look for talented artists in South Africa, who’d be interested in working with us. With the help of our friends recommendation, we discovered talented Mr Fuzzy Slipperz, who got us on the hook with his style, that we have never experienced before.

After a few emails and phone calls with Lisolomzi, we fortunately agreed on collaborating and furthermore the development of an artist papes edition together. A win-win situation for both of us, since we were happy to expand our global reach on talented young artist and for Fuzzy Slipperz, who secretly admitted, that he fell in love with us. Thus, our fruitful relationship would lead to a great result as you can see now.

Fuzz’s approach in creating the design for this Artist Papes was in investigating the human figure in relation to line, shape, and form to one’s modern, natural and world unseen. The design expresses day and night as magical characters, displaying an array of fleeting moments. The earth is like a spinning top and stillness its greatest illusion, to put it in Mr Fuzzy Slipperz words.

We love the final outcome and we’re proud to have been able to work with Fuzzy Slipperz. His talents are without a doubt exceptional and we are convinced that he’s gonna make his way to the global artist fame club.


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