Young charming fella Rodrigo Colen aka Hoji was introduced to us by our artist scout Fefe Talavera, who recommended us to have at look at this fresh and talented artist. After a couple of phone calls we soon figured that he is an artist we’d love to work with, not only because of Fefe’s advice, which usually doesn’t request any further investigation 😉

Born in Sao Paolo, Brazil and living a couple of years in the US too, he was non-stop in surrounded with art, especially by his shady friends from the graffiti scene, who inevitably had a very positive influence and made him the artist who he is today. After graduating in graphic design he decided to turn his passion into profession. To put it in his words “I finally found a way to to put all my troublesome out!”


This year he got the chance to feel a tender touch of fame by exhibiting in an no-name underground gallery as well as in an established everybodies darling mainstream gallery. On top of that he developed the artworks for the bestselling book “Para as Solteiras com Amor” written by a famous social media boss lady from Brazil.


When developing the design for his Artist Papes edition, he decided to put focus on the snake representing power and strength, which is an essential element of almost all his artworks and which is covered on both sides of the packaging design. On the soft side of the story, the designs includes the heart with his feelings and emotions. The all-seeing eye on top of the design leads as a spiritual force through the rough way of life.


Keep an eye on Hoji and his talents! They might be too big for a small world like this and do get his Artist Papes to guide you through your tough as well as good times 🙂



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