Babes Papes is proud to present you Artist Papes by Miss Kittin

For those of you who don’t know who Miss Kittin is…well, we suggest you just listen to her music and let her introduce herself to you. Fans of Miss Kittin know that she also has a passion for drawing. Her website, for example, contains graphic elements drawn by her.

With her contribution to Artist Papes, Miss Kittin showed us again her passion for drawing and provided us a sketch, which we turned into Artist Papes by Miss Kittin.

This edition is limited to 500 units and each booklet has its own serial number which turns this product into an exclusive art piece. We added the B-Stamp as well as the braille stamping, not only to enhance the look but also the touch.

The draft was drawn on bone-colored japanese paper with a unique structure and the message on the inside of the envelope inspires us to have a positiveoutlook and we expect our readers to do the same: Don’t think too much about the future!

Much Love from Babes Papes et je vous remerci beaucoup prinzessin Caroline de Geneva!


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