Dear nature folks, our lovely hermana Catalina Silva a.k.a. Neko Rulz from the spicy part of the world in South America came up with this “organic” illustration for one of our latest Artist Papes editions.

In the very beginning of our collaboration, Catalina made clear that she insisted on having organic brown rolling papers in her Artist Papes packaging.These were her terms and after tough negotiations between our lawyers, managers and mothers, we happily agreed to her request.

Apart from the buzz word “organic” the main influences on Neko’s design development process were her passion for anime comics, video games, and mother nature of which she is vastly surrounded and influenced by in her hometown in Chile.

The druid character in the design theme merged out of this influences, who represents the organic mindset, which stands for enjoying nature and natural resources that surround you – That’s natural!

Until today Catalina didn’t disclose to us, if the druid character on the design theme is a friend of hers, who she met in the woods near her house or if the druid is just a fictional character from her trippy dreams.


If you happen to have a similar friend like that, then feel free to connect with Neko on the following platforms:


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