Ladies and Gentlemen, B-Girls and B-Boys, Mamas and Papas, meet graffiti and visual artist Viva La Vandal

Based out of London, United Kingdom this mysterious artist has been on top of the game for many years now and he’s been busy non-stop providing eye-candy to his loyal fan base. Imagine him as a chef, stirring up a touch of tattoo art, with a spoon of b-boy and b-girl attitude, tiny cut pieces of comic history, and a breeze of babes flavour. As a an example we present you this delicious looking Artist Papes designed by Viva La Vandal! Continue reading

Our latest collaboration led us to  the agencies Supertrumpf and ask!, who together developed a special smart phone app called Seedio.

Remember those days when you were filling up your ghetto blaster with 10 units of big sized batteries in order to listen to dope music in the park together with your friends?

Well, these days are over. No need to spend a lot of money on batteries which only last for half a day. No need to carry around a ghetto blaster which weighs a ton. Seedio makes all these problems vanish.

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We’re happy to present you Artist Papes by Fefe Talavera:

We met Fefe back in 2011 while she was visiting friends in central Europe. By that time we hadn’t had produced a single booklet and Babes Papes existed only in theory. The first time we met her through mutual friends we introduced oursleves and told her about the brand, the people involved, and our goals. It didn’t take long to convince her  to work with us and to provide us with a custom design for our first series of Artist Papes. Once she delivered the design, it was hard to tell what to expect from the final product.

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It started with an idea and a name: Babes Papes. What was missing was a unique visual with a recognizable face. My search began by asking my friends in the creative field for someone they could recommend who could help develop the brand’s face. I was searching for someone with skills in graphic design, as well as an intimate knowledge in brand development. I collected several design drafts, but none of the ideas presented to me materialized into what I had visualized in the beginning. Eventually, I came across Franke, an illustrator infused with a passion for old-school illustrations, skillfully made by hand. We set up a first meeting and I presented my vision. He admitted to having a weakness for smoking culture as a whole, particularly for the classic rolling paper design. Let’s call it fate. After our conversation, Franke was motivated to design not just the logo, but he insisted on being the one to create the whole visual identity of this newborn Babe. To put it in Franke’s words “We have to make it look like we’ve been in the business for a long time!”

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