Babes Papes proudly presents Rille Fix custom designed premium rolling papers.

Rille Fix is the modern version of Winston Wolfe (a.k.a. The Wolf) the special character from the movie Pulp Fiction. You got a problem that needs to get solved?! Rille is gonna fix it for you!

Specializing mainly in electronic articles like cell phones, laptops, hard disks, tablets, etc, Rille Fix can also handle problems that should stay under the radar, almost like The Wolf.

He works with the best equipment and the best looking assistants. His technical knowledge is extraordinary. He has a charming and passionate way of dealing with customers as well as with the products he is fixing.

Crash one of your electronic devices just to experience how Rille Fix revitalizes them. It’s a unique experience.

We are delighted to work with such a passionate artist and problem solver. Our close collaboration resulted in this beautiful Custom Papes edition, which was designed by our beloved friend and beautiful artist Naomi Devil a.k.a. Graphrodite.

Much Love from from Babes Papes to Rille Fix and may Apple continue to produce poorly assembled products so Rille Fix can fix all the mess.

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