Please, meet the most dangerous and toughest street art gang of São Paulo. It’s the notorious Rolinho Bros with its two hardcore members Felipe Risada and Tony de Marco aka “Pixotosco”. These are definitely the type of guys you wanna f*** around with, because they are super cool, hyperactive artists, and always present in the streets and hoods of São Paulo.

Felipe began his street art career as an graffiti artist in the early 00’s, while Tony is a typographer and illustrator since 1987. Together they are specialized in making graffitis only with roller paint and latex preferable on the concrete walls of Sao Paulo.

Our friend Fefe Talavera connected us with the Rolinho Bros and arranged a collaboration between them and us which resulted in the Rolinho Bros Artist Papes. We’re in love with the Bros and we’re impressed by their constant output which they televise non-stop through their social media channels.


The Artist Papes they designed for us come with their signature roller paint logo and the city skyline of São Paulo in the background, which is the main territory of the Rolinho Bros. The booklet comes with organic brown papers, braille, and the always present B-logo stamping.


The Rolinho Bros Artist Papes are available in our online shop for international fans and can be purchased as a the “Pachamama” package, which includes four different Artist Papes with various designs.


Fans from São Paulo can directly get in touch with Felipe or Tony and they’ll be happy to hand out their Artist Papes personally to you!




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