Our latest collaboration led us to  the agencies Supertrumpf and ask!, who together developed a special smart phone app called Seedio.

Remember those days when you were filling up your ghetto blaster with 10 units of big sized batteries in order to listen to dope music in the park together with your friends?

Well, these days are over. No need to spend a lot of money on batteries which only last for half a day. No need to carry around a ghetto blaster which weighs a ton. Seedio makes all these problems vanish.

Play a song from your smart phone and seedio will synchronize automatically with all the other smart phones nearby which have enabled Seedio and makes you listen to your favorite song through multiple speakers simultaneously.

Don’t be surprised if you come to a party, the music is pumping, and you can’t see any turntables, amplifiers or speakers. It’s probably a Seedio sound system party.

The design of this Custom Papes edition features not only the eye catching logo but also some great quotes of  famous artists from past and present. Enjoy reading them while using Seedio App along with this Custom Papes with your friends while being loud!

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