The Babes Papes crew and its members are a bunch of cool, good-looking girls and guys, who share the passion of having a balanced lifestyle.

This lifestyle includes:

·     Share love and happiness among our friends and family

·     Exploring, producing, and sharing music

·     Getting high on life

·     Watching a lot of stupid and funny movies and clips

·     Hosting awesome parties

·     Crashing awesome parties

·     Creating ads, brands, and slogans

·     Networking and public relations

·     Developing damn good looking websites

·     Killing time on beaches with sunshine and seafood

·     Buying and showing off our fly sneakers, fancy dresses and tight heals

·     Cruising around at night and listening to dope music

·     Playing table soccer (Foosball), frisbee, chess, table tennis, and strip poker

·     Producing high quality rolling papers

·     Collective shopping together with our Babes

·     Drinking whiskey, Ouzo, and Rakia

·     Collecting records, magazines, comic based action figures, and collector cards

·     Communal BBQ and baking sessions

·     Dancing and grooving to fresh sounds and funky beats

·     Traveling to and living in far away places

·     Writing, sending, and receiving postcards

·     Reading Garfield comics, Babe magazines, and books written by Bret Easton Ellis

·     Shooting amazing analogue and digital photos

·     Attending bazaars and buying a lot of useless but cool vintage trash