Ladies and Gentlemen, B-Girls and B-Boys, Mamas and Papas, meet graffiti and visual artist Viva La Vandal

Based out of London, United Kingdom this mysterious artist has been on top of the game for many years now and he’s been busy non-stop providing eye-candy to his loyal fan base. Imagine him as a chef, stirring up a touch of tattoo art, with a spoon of b-boy and b-girl attitude, tiny cut pieces of comic history, and a breeze of babes flavour. As a an example we present you this delicious looking Artist Papes designed by Viva La Vandal!

As soon as we laid eyes on him we liked what we saw and asked him in a flirting way, if he’d like to get involved in one of our Artist Papes edition. With the help of some charming words, whispered gently in his ear, we were able to finally convince him to collaborate with Babes Papes and join forces. Our long and intense relationship hit the climax with the birth of baby jesus, presented with this Artist Papes edition.

The final product does not only include the nice illustrations but also customized embossing such as the B-stamp and the braille stamping for example. This edition is limited to 250 booklets in total and if you want to have a piece of vandalism, then we recommend you to have a look here and get some of the good stuff.

Big up for vandalism – yes, we van!


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