The sage continues with Fefe Talavera

This lovely lady has been a member of Babes Papes since the birth of the brand a couple years ago.

Not only was she involved in the first Artist Papes editions we produced, she also helps us continuously discovering new talents, who collaborate with us and who design delicious Artist Papes for us and you!

Fefe Talavera Artist Papes



A lot has happened between the two editions she created for us and while Babes Papes grew as a brand, Fefe’s family grew with the birth of her handsome son Leon, who will be a future candidate for Artist Papes designed by another member of the Talavera family.

Fefe Talavera Artist Papes

If you know about Fefe’s art then you’ll immediately recognize her style in the Artist Papes she designed. The design is similar to the very first edition she did, but this time the design literally got a touch of gold. 

Fefe Talavera Artist Papes Booklet

Fefe’s first Artist Papes were so popular back then, that we could have easily have reproduced the old design. But since we strictly stick to our limitation rule and because of Fefe’s ambition to create a new design, we had an easy path on moving forward with another new edition of Artist Papes by Fefe Talavera.

Check out Fefe and her handsome boy Leon and feel free to ask her how it is to be a cool mama artist.

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