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Dear Crypto Lover 💚,

Yes, Babes Papes is into Crypto, Blockchain, Decentralized Finance, and NFTs and we are happy to do our part in securing networks such as Kusama and HydraDX with our own hardware! ⛓️


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 Public Key: 7KHPTyB8FVeNt2Px5DthgjQbVr4ZnrTThTm53ko2TjGFmXRt



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 Kusama Validator Name: BABES PAPES | BABESPAPES.COM

 Public Key: ESJW7WgAxoybpZ6ULrh6dYwi3WpEGY2hN3wB1eYKE3NcTHo



We're passionate about the Web 3 movement and we want to share our excitement with you, by providing the information below about start ups, investors and network validators. 🌐

In order to help with mass adoption, we want to use the branding of Babes Papes and the Polkadot Meet Ups that we're frequently hosting, to merge in-person networking and lifestyle and make Crypto more "tan-chain-ble". 🫱🏿‍🫲🏻 😎

In the tables below, you'll find information about Crypto/Blockchain investments, portfolios of venture capital firms (VCs) and investment round of start ups. 📊

Latest Investment Rounds

Please find below the latest information about VC investment rounds for start ups:

Venture Capital Portfolios

List of investors and their investment portfolios:

Validator Database

This table provides information about validators and the networks they secure: