Artist Rolling Papers by Atsuo Nakagawa

Atsuo Nakagawa is a top notch street artist we got introduced to by our brazilian boss lady ambassador Fefe Talavera. Getting a chance to collaborate with him is a big honor and pleasure because of his professional background and long-term experience as an artist.


He grew up in Kyoto, Japan and now lives and works in the streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil, where he is highly active in spreading the Atsuo vibes with its distinctive branding around the city. 

Back in Kyoto he kept active as a producer in film studies as well as an artist for major brands. The historical background of Kyoto with the stories of its monsters (youkai) and the constant presence of old fusuma paintings were the main influence of Atsuo’s artwork until today.

The “monster” theme kinda stalked him in his childhood, also because of his passion for visual artist Ray Harryhausen, who was a master of visual special effects and responsible to giving “birth” to the creatures of movies such as “Clash of Titans” and “Jason and the Argonauts”.

The monster became his alter ego, which is also shown in the Artist Papes edition that he illustrated for us. We are very happy about this collaboration and outcome of these art editions.

Atsuo is a true gentleman and modest artist. Please, get in touch with him and show him some love!

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