24K Gold Joint Papers, a Perfect Gift for any Canna-Connoisseur

Gold Papes - 24 Karat Pre Rolled Cone

Babes Papes has implemented new features as add ons to improve the quality by enhancing the Gold Papes look and feel with attractive packaging and a pre-rolled cones rolling paper made up of 24 finest karat gold sheets and are lovingly and delicately formed into pre-rolled cone including a filter tip.

The gold cones can easily be filled with your preferred ingredients. Each gold joint is accurately checked and documented with a certificate for its karats with the help of "Thermo Scientific Mobile Test Stand Nilton XRF Analyser." A pedestal for the test tube also comes with king-size cones that help to present the gold cone properly.

People are now more focused on improving their health and have become more responsible while taking care of their overall well-being. Gold blunt wraps are not the new product in the world; they have roots dating back in ancient times as well. They are considered to be attached with a lavish living style statement of the richest to have them. 

The Perfect Gift for any Canna-Connoisseur

Our golden joint papers can easily fit in the holder of a man’s pocket or carry bag, which makes it easier to carry around anywhere without any apprehensions.

Our top seller golden blunt are supplied in a fancy paper box with a gold foil embossment that can be even used as a gift to your canna-connoisseurs friends. All you have to do is wrap the pre rolled cones in gift wrapping paper and you have a unique gift for any occasion.

And, to take a puff from the pre rolled cone rolling papers you just need to fill the gold cones with your favourite herbs and have your perfect gala time.




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