Babes Papes First Edition Rolling Papers - Designed and illustrated by Franke Art

All you Babes Lovers around the globe: here we are with our first official Babes Papes edition. Manufactured at the end of 2015, now ready to get touched by your soft hands. The artwork was provided by infamous illustrator Franke, who specializes in bringing beautiful and men-seducing pin-up ladies to life. 

 Babes Papes 1st Edition


When developing this edition we were trying to get some influence of We took a closer look at some other aficionado products like whiskey bottle designs, print magazines, perfumes and postcards for inspiration when developing this edition. It was essential for us to create the unique packaging that one either keeps for him or herself, as a gift for special occasions or as a gift for close friends and family members who value individual art pieces that are developed and designed and manufactured with love. 

This edition is limited to 500 units and each booklet comes with handwritten numbering. The foldable art strip ( shows our brand´s cropped boss lady logo of our brand on the front side. On the reverse side, we printed an introduction letter to you that is supposed to give brings a touch of love letter flavor to the owner of this art piece.
Babes Papes Booklet

The booklet is protected by a zip-top plastic sleeve and - just in case you wanna get yourself wet, but not your Babes …. Papes. Inside the box, you’ll find 33 Arabic gum rolling papers and,  as a special surprise, we also added threw in a single 24 karat gold rolling leaf. The way this leaf burns and shines is something you´d better try out and experience for yourself. You're gonna love it...

...and we love you!

just lick ‘em

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