Gold Papes Pre Rolled Cones
Gold Papes Pre Rolled Cone with a stylish tube
 Pre Rolled Cones in a glass tube
Gold Papes - 24K Gold Rolling Papers

Gold Papes - 24K Gold Rolling Papers

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Our 24k gold rolling papers are made from 24K fine gold and are lovingly and delicately formed into pre-rolled cones including a filter tip. The gold cones can easily be filled with your preferred ingredients. Each gold blunt is accurately checked and documented with a certificate for its carats with the help of "Thermo Scientific Mobile Test Stand Nilton XRF Analyser." The accompanying certificate is included with the king-size cones. A pedestal for the test tube is also included with the king-size cones and a test tube to present the gold cone properly. Gold Papes king-size gold rolling papers are supplied in a fancy paper box with a gold foil embossment. All you have to do is wrap the golden blunt rolling paper in gift wrapping paper and you have a unique gift for any occasion.


  • 24K Fine Gold Blunts: Gold Papes 24k gold rolling papers are shaped from 24K gold into pre-rolled cones with a gold blunt tip.
  • Premium Packaging: the test tube with the gold paper is stored in an elegant cushion box.
  • Great Gift Idea: as pre-rolled blunt, Gold Papes are an eye-catcher and unique gift.
  • Certificate: Gold Papes are carefully checked for carats and delivered with a certificate.
  • Filter Tips: a filter tip made of paper is included with Gold Papes blunt cones.


What makes your gold rolling papers special?

We are glad you asked! We are glad to let you know that our gold rolling papers are top level and are made out of 24K fine gold which is then lovingly and delicately formed into pre-rolled cones including a filter tip. 

Can you smoke 24k gold rolling papers?

Yes, you absolutely can, and the sensation is very light and enjoyable. Our 24k gold rolling papers are one of our best-selling products. As a premium gold rolling paper, they make excellent gift ideas for family and friends who love to smoke in style.

I've been looking for 24k gold rolling papers for sale, why should I buy yours?

Many places on the internet have 24k gold rolling papers for sale however we believe ours a great because of the way we have already coned the paper for you making it easy for you to fill and smoke as soon as you open it. Each gold rolling paper comes sealed in a glass tube jar and is delivered in our very own sleek branded box. 

Are your gold rolling papers a good gift idea?

We believe that gold rolling papers are an excellent gift idea and we are confident if you purchase our 24k gold rolling papers the person who will receive this as a gift will not be disappointed. 


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