Gold Papes - Movie Inspiration

This one goes out to all the show-offs, pretenders, copy-pasters, big-mouths, and unreliable wannabes. We got something very special for you, which will help you to finally be somebody, instead of just trying poorly to be like someone else.

Do you belong to the type of people, who can’t get enough attention? Who are constantly in the need to have all eyes on them when entering a room? Are you considered a trendsetter within your social micro cosmos, coming up with the newest gadgets, fanciest sneakers, coolest shades, and dopest parties in town (or do you think at least you are)? Do you enjoy listening to yourself how you kick knowledge about the latest trending artists to listen to and festivals to visit? Well, the time has come to shut up and leave the talking to Gold Papes!

Our latest product within our portfolio will disrupt the conservative and lame bling-bling market for ever! Finest 22 karat gold leaves ready to be rolled or pre-rolled as a cone are here to stay and rock the show, no matter if it’s in your bag sealed in the glass tube, stuck behind your ear and ready to use, or between your fingers and lips live in action. Gold Papes will get you the touch of gold and class, that you were desperately trying to get with “how to get laid” books and seminars.  

Gold Papes are not only a super cool lifestyle product, but also an asset. Since paper money is becoming worth less every day, the only real remaining assets are and always were precious metals, like for example gold. When using Gold Papes, you’ll figure that the gold doesn’t simply vapour and vanish. It remains in the ash, which not only looks fancy, but allows you to collect the gold and keep it as an asset until one day humans finally figure out that paper money is worthless and gold will remain as the only valuable currency on the planet. 

Gold Papes will not only improve your image, but also make you richer the more you consume them.

For those of you who have seen one of the better James Bond movies, called Goldfinger, and featuring the notorious villain Auric Goldfinger, we’d like to remind you what he said about gold shortly before almost cutting Sean Connery in half with a laser:

This is gold, Mr. Bond. All my life I’ve been in love with its color… its brilliance, its divine heaviness.

Keep his words in mind when you get infected by the charismatic gold virus and change your paper money into a real asset, Gold Papes! 

Our song recommendation to listen to when using Goldfinger Papes comes from Mrs. Goldfinger Shirley Bassey.

Check it out on our Youtube channel - Babes Papes

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