Step into the world of Súa Agapé

Welcome to the kinky world of Súa Agapé, our lovely cousin from Guatemala City, “El País de la Eterna Primavera” (The Land of the Eternal Spring), who we crashed into on the digital streets of the world wide web. 

Súa Agapé Artist Papes

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Her artist alter ego is named after a beach in Ecuador, La Playa de Súa, and Agapé, which is actually a combination of her given names, but refers much better to the greek word for love “Agapó”. Hence, her artist name represents “infinite tropical love”!

Her family roots are based in the city of Antigua Guatemala, which is known for its legends and ghost stories like for example the story of the “Sombreron”, “La Tatuana”, and “La Llorana”. As Súa Agapé she likes to think of these ghosts as her ancestors, who came to inspire her to create surreal stories and illustrations. Apart from getting inspired by holy ghosts, she loves to absorb the colorful environment of her beautiful country and the energy of strong female characters around the globe. 

Súa Agapé Artist Papes

For Babes Papes Súa’s mindset was to design the universe of mexico's famous heroin Frida Kahlo. Her interest for Frida was growing when she lived in North-Mexico for a while. A period in her live when she fell in love with the country as well as with the character of Frida Kahlo. 

Súa Agape Artist Papes Booklet

We at Babes Papes are very happy about the outcome of Súa’s thoughts and how she transformed them from an idea, to a virtual, and finally a physical product in the form of her own Artist Papes edition. Feel free to get in touch with her and show her some love on her social media channels or if you want to meet her in person, then you can enroll for her class in Illustrations and Visual Communications at the University Rafeal Landívar in Guatemala.


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