Premium Rolling Papers for Collectors, Art Enthusiasts, and Babes Lovers!

Babes Papes was created out of the idea that every artist should get the possibility to design his or her own rolling paper booklet. The designs of the established rolling paper brands were and still are quite boring. Thus, there is no desire to keep the booklet after usage. Babes Papes rolling papers are limited edition collectibles which you can frame and turn into an art piece. It's a win-win situation for the artist to present their art physically and directly to the fans, outside of the over saturated social media channels and it's also a win-win situation for mother nature in terms of sustainability since the packaging turns into a useful art work instead of ending up in the trash bin.

Babes Papes Shine Gold Rolling Papers in Black Box


Premium Custom Designed Rolling Papers with various skins for Cannasseurs!


Choose your lady wisely, she represents you! - Babes Papes

Babes Papes was born with the support of Franke Art, John Ross Group, and GDS | Grafik des Seins. In addition various artists like Fefe Talavera, Atsuo Nakagawa, Súa Agapé, Rolinho Bros, Rille Fix, Naomi Devil, Neko Rulz, Viva la Vandal, Isabel Lowak, Hoji etc. helped us to bring awareness to the brand with the illustrations and designs they provided for our Artist Papes editions.
Much Love to all of them and our fans!

Babes Papes Owner

Product features

Babes Papes Shine Gold Rolling Papers in Black Box


Gold Papes - the new gold standard

Pre-Rolled Gold Rolling Paper Cone for special occasions and gift surprises. Including a filter-tip, certificate and pedestal to present the Gold Cone with style! 


Artist Papes - limited edition artwork

Limited Edition Rolling Papers designed by various artists for art lover, cannasseurs, and collectors!


Babes Papes - just lick 'em!

Premium Rolling Papers with Gold Papes designed by Franke Art Illustrations!